the hero book The Hero Book (3rd edition)

an illustrated memoir

by Scott Waters

64 pages (24 of them in colour)

32 b&w + colour images

isbn 0-9733499-7-2

now available at conundrum press


"The Hero Book is a striking work that defies easy categorization: a hybrid of art and text." Montreal Review of Books mRb Spring 2007.


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the hero bookThe Montréal book launch / exhibit of The Hero Book and the housewarming / fund-raising shindig in Cumulus' new offices was great! We managed to raise $440 for local youth homeless shelter, Le Refuge des Jeunes. Thanks to everyone who came!


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“Google 'hero book' and you will find links to 'memory work', a practice that began in Africa, notably among mothers living with HIV/AIDS. Keep surfing and you will learn that the 'hero book' is both a document and a process, whereby a child, through guidance, tells the story of their life relative to the conflicts and problems that beset them.

Scott Waters' has taken this format and, using text, photos, and painted image, applied it to time spent in the military. The results are stunning. Waters' prose is matter-of-fact, and stands in contrast to his meticulously painted images, many of them set against that mass-produced, knots-and-all surface known as 'plywood'—an accurate metaphor for what we in the civilian world call 'military training'.

Reading The Hero Book, I am reminded of the similarities between children's skipping songs and military marching cadences. The content differs, but the narrative stays the same.”
Michael Turner, author of Hard Core Logo and The Pornographer's Poem.

Scott Waters the Hero Book

scott watersScott Waters once had to choose between art school and the infantry. He chose the latter, then the former. He now spends his time painting, drawing and making little books about a life he thought he hated. Having been recently chosen for the Canadian Forces Artist Program (CFAP) he will, accordingly, use his past to help edge the world towards selfawareness. Scott lives in Toronto and has recently found a family.

“Perhaps this is all I need to show you. Everything I’ve tried to drag across this chasm of time can be distilled down to a hairless torso, a farmer’s tan and a GPMG.”

scott waters


the hero bookNow’s your moment
Floating in the blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time would be better

“What a great fucking movie,” I often thought to myself back in the winter of 1990. So did the guys I was stationed with.

We knew the songs and dialogue by heart and knocked back beer, vodka or sometimes rubbing alcohol and would pause the scene where Ariel ascends, in her now human form, to the world above. After a few hours of drinking we would head down the hall to the communal showers to get cleaned up for the prairie girls who would later be in the bars, as drunk and desperate as we were.

First though, we would wash our hair and lather our bodies. Taking our drinks with us, the soundtrack tape would be turned up loud enough to echo around the shower walls and through the steam. I would sing along with Dacon and Prevachal and swill Black Label and we would sometimes pee on each other.

Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me

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