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Scott Waters once had to choose between art school and the infantry. He chose the latter, then the former. He now spends his time painting, drawing and making little books about a life he thought he hated. Having been recently chosen for the Canadian Forces Artist Program he will, accordingly, use his past to help edge the world towards self-awareness. Scott lives in Toronto and has recently found a family.


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" Perhaps this is all I need to show you. Everything I've tried to drag back across this chasm of time can be distilled down to a hairless torso, a farmer's tan and a GPMG."

the hero book

from The Hero Book (2nd edition)

the hero book

the hero book


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illustrated Memoir :

The Hero Book 3rd edition info

  • [Montréal : Cumulus Press] 2006

Chapbook / Zine

The Hero Book 2nd edition

  • [Toronto : self-published] 2005


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