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Jason 'Blackbird' Selman

Jason 'Blackbird' Selman has been performing on the Montréal Arts scene as both Performance Poet and Musician for the past ten years. More recently, Mr. Selman has used these talents in the service of Montréal’s Black Theatre Workshop Youth Works theatre program. When not being brought to the verge of tears by the excellent work of these young thespians, he fulfills himself artistically as part of the musical collective Kalm Unity.

In May of 2005, he undertook the role of producer for the poetry, music and song series Intimate Sky, a showcase for some of Montréal’s most talented performers. In May of 2006 his play Death of the Bourgeois Dream was performed by members of the Youth Works team and in July of that year, he participated in Habana, Cuba’s annual Hip Hop Symposium as part of Live Hip Hop group Nomadic Massive. In January of 2007, he co-edited Talking Book an anthology of poetry featuring members of the Kalm Unity collective.

"Nigeria holds Cuba
Cuba holds Jamaica
Jamaica holds Israel
Israel holds Ghana
Ghana holds Guyana
Guyana holds Ethiopia
Now we are home

from Parisian Thouroughfare (Take II)

talking book

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Poetry :

The Freedom I Stole info

  • [Montréal : cumulus press] 2007
  • isbn 978-0-9782474-4-7


  • [Montréal : self-published chapbook] 2005

non-fiction / Poetry :

Talking Book: blues, jazz, dub, rap, song and freedom in the literature and orature of Montréal's Kalmunity Vibe Collective info

  • [Montréal : cumulus press] 2006
  • co-editor with kaie kellough
  • isbn 0-9733499-9-9


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