kalmunity vibe collective Talking Book : blues, jazz, dub, rap, song and freedom in the literature and orature of Montréal's Kalmunity Vibe Collective

edited by Kaie Kellough & Jason "Blackbird" Selman

240 pages

isbn 0-9733499-9-9

who wants to touch this riddim?




Two percussion players, one trap drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, a keyboardist, and three horn players cram onto a floor-level stage. Twelve vocalists squat stage right, waiting for their chance to touch the mic. The air crackles with anticipation. In the crowd, Blacks, Browns, Whites are packed together so tightly that, as in the Langston Hughes poem about riding the New York subway, there is “no room for fear.” One person inhales another’s language. Welcome to Kalmunity’s Live Organic Improv at Sablo Kafé. This anthology collects the words and thoughts of Kalmunity’s rappers, dub poets, jazz poets, singers, and musicians as they reflect on collective improvisation, freedom, love, history, politics, and the divine.

Kalmunity Vibe Collective photos: Zibz Black Current

26 Contributors:
Andy Vial (MTL), Ashanti Alston (NY), David Sedo Obaguidi (MTL), d’bi.young.anitafrica (TO), Fabrice Koffy (MTL), Fredy "V" Varre (MTL), Jason "JahSun" Promesse (MTL), Jason "Blackbird" Selman (MTL), Joel "Jahnice" Janis (MTL), Josephine C. Watson (Halifax), kaie kellough (MTL), Katherine "katalyst" Blenkinsop (MTL), Kim Zombik (Boston), Klyde "Durm-I" Broox (TO), S. "Kya Kindu" Been (MTL), Lansou "Sossa" Adjahi (MTL), Mathieuson "Preach Ankobia" Beaujour (MTL), Mohamed Mehdi (MTL), Neil "Zibz Black Current" Guilding (MTL), Odessa "Queen" Thornhill (MTL), Oulimata "Féliken" Kane (MTL), Alex "Phénix" Sylvestre (MTL), "Lady" Rafaelle Mackay (MTL), Ron G. "RawNia" Scott (MTL), Roen "BLU Rva" Higgins (MTL), Sharon Brooks (MTL), Stephen Thomas (MTL), Zarrahkshatryia " Bungle Natty" Clarke (MTL).

jason Éblackbird" selmanJason "Blackbird" Selman is a graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (specialization in Jazz Studies). He has been performing on the local arts scene as both spoken word artist and musician for the last eight years. For the last two years Jason has also served as a facilitator for the Black Theatre Workshop’s Youth Works theatre program. Mr. Selman continues to fulfill himself both musically and poetically as part of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective.

kaie kelloughkaie kellough is an author, performer, educator, editor, and active arts organizer. His words make sound blue sense and be bop inflected. His first book, lettricity, was published in 2004. He was writer in residence for the 2005 Toronto Int'l Dub Poetry Festival. He has performed across Canada and in the United States. His work has been featured on national radio and television.


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