the Freedom I StoleThe Freedom I Stole

by Jason 'Blackbird' Selman

isbn 978-0-9782474-4-7

6" x 8"

112 pages

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cover art and interior art in book by Naledi Jackson



As your eye scans each poem’s lithe, lettered lines, an airplane touches down on a narrow landing strip. a needle slices into a jazz record’s waxen groove. suited musicians improvise on oscar peterson’s hymn to freedom. a traveler wanders through narrow, moonlit streets. freedom becomes a flight of imagination, a silver-winged melodic arc linking cities distant as Habana, Bridgetown, Montréal. These flights are recorded here, in the jazz poems and wayfaring lyrics of Jason 'Blackbird' Selman.




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cultural weekly review Trumpeter Song by Stefan Christoff, Hour Magazine June 12, 2008 [en]
literary quarterly review Montréal Review of Books vol 11, #2 Spring 2008 [en]
Jason 'Blackbird' Selman

Jason 'Blackbird' Selman has been performing on the Montréal Arts scene as both Performance Poet and Musician for the past ten years. More recently, Selman has used these talents in the service of Montréal’s Black Theatre Workshop Youth Works theatre program. When not being brought to the verge of tears by the excellent work of these young thespians, he fulfills himself artistically as part of the musical collective Kalm Unity.

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