picture this!: posters of social movements in Quebec (1966-2007)Picture This! 659 Posters of social movements in Québec (1966 - 2007)

edited by Jean-Pierre Boyer, Jean Desjardins & David Widgington

--- bilingual edition ---

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360 pages (includes 72 colour pages)

ISBN 978-0-9782474-2-3


We wish to thank le Centre de recherche en imagerie populaire, CKUT 90.3fm, Alain Reno, Katasoho and Publicité Sauvage for co-sponsoring our launch and poster!



Feb 13, 2008 BOOK LAUNCH at Montreal's Écomusée du fier monde. POSTER - audio


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"The bilingual book's editors [...] have done an incredible job of gathering the marginal as well as the mainstream in a coherent, accessible whole. You won't find these images --or this truth-- anywhere else" Maisonneuve Magazine #27

These 659 posters, assembled for the first time in one album, offer a veritable journey through Québec’s social history and political imagination of the past four decades. This book is the result of a collaboration between the founders of the Centre de recherche en imagerie populaire (CRIP) and the publisher of Cumulus Press.

This collection of union, political, community, feminist, sociocultural and anti-globalization posters brings to our collective memory the popular struggles that have marked the history of social movements in Québec. It gives a voice to those who, through the strength of their commitment and creativity, have contributed to a more humane, just and democratic world.

These images taken from the streets are much more than a mirror of our combined aspirations: they are an invitation to move ever forward. The posters portray demanding, accusatory, irreverent and hopeful actions and offer as many original—sometimes radical—proposals on how to improve the lives of our society’s downtrodden, mistreated, exploited and marginalized groups and individuals.

A sample of 44 of the 659 posters in the book.

press release: Feb 05, 2008


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cultural bi-monthly exposé Applied Arts Magazine, July [en]
cultural quarterly review "Protest Aesthetic", Maisonneuve Magazine #27 - Spring 2008 May [en]
cultural weekly review "Images des combats" by Denis Lord in ICI Mar 20 [fr]
radio interview 4 à 6 with Souis-René Beaudin CIBL with Jean-Pierre Boyer Mar 5 [fr]
news weekly review "A wheat-paste history" by Misha Warbanski in The Link Mar 3 [en]
news daily review "Le langage des murs" by Caroline Montpetit, Le Devoir. Mar 1 [fr]
radio interview 'Q' with Jian Gomeshi on CBC Radio 1 with David Widgington Feb 28 [en]
print monthly review "Affiches des mouvements sociaux au Québec depuis 1966" Alternatives, Vol. 14 - No. 06 Feb 28 [fr]
radio interview Vous êtes ici on Radio-Canada with Jean-Pierre Boyer, Normand Baillargeon et Francis Dupuis-Déri Feb 27 [fr]
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Lendemain de la veille and Jean-Pierre Boyer, CKUT 90.3 fm
Dec 20, 2007

Table of contents

foreword / préface
David Widgington

introduction / présentation
Jean-Pierre Boyer — Jean Desjardins

union posters / affiches syndicales
Introduction : André Leclerc

political posters / affiches politiques
Introduction : Normand Baillargeon

community posters / affiches populaires
Introduction : Marie Leclerc

feminist posters / affiches féministes
Introduction : Hélène Pedneault

pressure group posters / affiches des groupes de pression
Introduction : Francis Dupuis-Déri

/ Table des matières

international solidarity posters /
affiches de solidarité internationale

Introduction : Francine Néméh

cultural posters / affiches culturelles
Introduction : Malcolm Reid

artist posters / affiches d’artistes
Introduction : Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

anti-globalisation posters / affiches altermondialistes
Introduction : Roberto Nieto

acknowledgements / remerciements


acronyms and organizations / acronymes et organismes

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