Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors

new poetry by 19 young writers

edited by Andy Brown & Meg Sircom

featuring Blue (II), A Trestle Chapbook of

early are recent poems by George Elliott Clarke

92 pages

ISBN 0-9683529-4-4


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"Arresting for the strong juxtaposition of images, and the challenge to identity, stereotypes, the limitations of language and form. The voices are sure, the work at once broad in scope and achingly personal. As the title suggests, Running With Scissors promotes youth, wild abandon, and risk."

- Montreal Review of Books, mRb, Spring 2001

FEATURING 19 young writers: Larissa Andrusyshyn, Oana Avalichioaei, Paula Belina, Liana Bellon, Nicolas Billon, Andrea del Moral, Melissa Griffin, Nathan Griffiths, Mirella Ionta, Zakiah Kassam, Matt MacLennan, Joni Murphy, Luca Palladino, Kilah Rolle, Anna Sikorski, Donimique Simoneau-Ritchie, Ravi Singh, Lindsay Soberano and Brian Tuck.



Editors: Meg Sircom and Andy Brown

Editors, Meg Sircom & Andy Brown

Originally from Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Meg Sircom (right) graduated from the Creative Writing Masters program at Concordia University. She taught in Japan and Korea, and spent time in India with Canada World Youth. She was an editor of the third Headlight Anthology and has produced a mini-comic about sumo wrestlers. She currently teaches at McGill University.
Andy Brown (left) has a Masters degree in English from Concordia University. He was an editor of the influential Montréal literary calendar index and now contributes regularly to Matrix, Broken Pencil, and the Montreal Review of Books. He is the founder of conundrum press.

The Tendril Anthology Series includes a distinct but inseparable chapbook of early unpublished work by established and respected authors, providing a device for the mentorship of emerging writers from all cultures across Canada. But where to put the chapbook? To avoid sublimation of the emerging writers’ works, the work of the senior writer needed to be separate from, but still integrated into, each book. The chapbook—set aside within the French flaps of the front cover— seemed an ideal medium to isolate the mentoring work in a format commonly embraced by the novice.

Blue (II) by George Elliott Clarke

A Trestle Chapbook : Blue (II) by George Elliott Clarke

Geroge Elliott Clarke

Poet, playwright, lyricist and essayist, George Elliott Clarke was born in Windsor Plains, Nova Scotia, in 1960. Clarke is best known for his poetry, which has received international recognition. His many awards include the Archibald Lampman Award, the prestigious Portia White Prize for Excellence in the Arts, and a Bellagio (Italy) Center Residency from the Rockefeller Foundation. Clarke’s collections of poetry include Saltwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues; Lush Dreams, Blue Exile: Fugitive Poems; Gold Indigoes; his recently published, Execution Poems and Blue; and his celebrated Whylah Falls. He is the editor of several anthologies, including Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature, and the author of an opera libretto, Beatrice Chancy; a screenplay, One Heart Broken Into Song; and a verse-play, Whylah Falls: The Play. After receiving his Ph.D (Queens University), Clarke accepted a teaching position at Duke University (1994-99), then served as visiting Seagram’s Chair in Canadian Studies At McGill University (1998-99). He is currently a professor in English at the University of Toronto. George was awarded the 2001 Governor General's Award for poetry for his book Execution Poems.
Larissa Andrusyshyn
Larissa Andrusyshyn was born in Reno, Nevada to a Canadian father and American mother. She moved to Montreal in 1989, where she has been writing and performing for about 6 years. With publications in many local zines, and five of her own chapbooks, Larissa is assuming her place in the literary community.
Oana Avasilichioaei is finishing her MA in English at Concordia University. She was born in Romania but grew up from the age of ten on the west coast of BC. Oana draws inspiration from both of these landscapes. Some of Oana’s work has appeared in The Antigonish Review, The Vancouver Sun and Matrix. A collection of translations was published by ITP.
Oana Avasilichioaei
Paula Belina
Paula Belina is a spoken word entrepreneur, performing in and around Montréal since 1998. She is editor and creator of arts/poetry zine Streeteaters and hosts a monthly spoken word/music benefit show. To date, she has put together five of her own chapbooks. Paula also designs t-shirts for the Montreal rave production group kirk6.
Liana Amanda Bellon studies English literature and art history at McGill University in Montreal. She credits her family for encouraging her, at a young age, to be curious and observant, and for instilling in her a love of knowledge and a passion for traveling. She has been published in student-based journals such as Dawson College’s Arcady and Black Sun Press.
Liana Amanda Bellon
Nicolas Marc Billon
After years of working in the computer industry, Nicolas Marc Billon discovered he was a closet tree-hugger and bid adieu to his capitalist yearnings. He is completing a degree in Environmental Studies and hopes to work abroad in sustainable development. In the meantime, he lives in an apartment on Sainte-Famille street with four plants and Tölva, his laptop.
Andrea del Moral currently lives in Oakland, California, where she is establishing politically and socially empowering urban agriculture projects, dancing, and writing. She is originally from Seattle, Washington and considers Montreal her home in some other reality.
Andrea del Moral
Melissa Griffin
Melissa Griffin is studying traditional Celtic harp, as well as working on a novel and continuing to study the world in all kinds of interesting and unconventional ways. She has always been interested in what a word really means, and how it evolves from what it once meant. Melissa lives in Montreal.
Nathan Griffiths moved to Montreal more than five years ago only to leave at every opportunity. He particularly enjoys writing because he can do it on the fly: on a boat, in a plane, or on a bus; basically, on the road. Nathan has been published in anthologies and literary magazines, whose names and copies have been lost in the move.
Nathan Griffiths
Mirella Ionta
Mirella Ionta attended Dawson College where she studied Liberal Arts. She is presently studying English Literature at McGill University and plans to travel the world after obtaining her B.A. She was born and continues to live in Montreal.
Zakiah Aliya Kassam’s attraction to poetry developed at a young age when she began writing satires of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Her poetry has been published in the quarterly Canadian Woman Studies. Zakiah studied chemical engineering at McGill University. She was born in Toronto and now lives in Montreal.
Zakiah Aliya Kassam
Matt MacLennan
Matt MacLennan studied creative writing and English literature at Concordia University in Montreal, where he currently resides and writes. His most recent publications include poetry in Slingshot and Yen magazines. Currently, his play Paths to Forgetting is in production with Alumnae Theatre in Toronto as part of their New Ideas Festival.
Joni Murphy is a sweater-type writer from a tanktop-type location. She was born in Canitillo, Texas and grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This winter she co-coordinated overdue: living with books for the VAV Gallery at Concordia University. Weak in the Knees—her first chapbook—was published by ITP. Joni now lives in Montreal.
Joni Murphy
Luca Palladino
Luca Palladino enjoys dancing, writing and the colour blue. He also enjoys denouncing large international anti-democratic structures. He is obsessed with rhythm, liquids and the kafkaesque, and is a great eater of cheese. You might have missed his spoken word radio documentaries on CBC’s Outfront and on CKUT.
Kilah Rolle was born in Vancouver, BC, grew up in both Nova Scotia and the Bahamas, where she now lives with her son Darien. She studied English literature at St. Mary’s University. Kilah was a member of the Canada Games in track and field, but she also enjoys playing volleyball, soccer and softball.
Kilah Rolle
Anna Sikorski
Anna Sikorski was born and raised in Montreal. She attended FACE High School and completed a DEC in Creative Arts at Dawson College. She is currently studying film at Concordia University and hopes to make short independent films.
Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie still lives in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, where she grew up. She was on the honour roll at John Abbott College where she studied computer science. Dominique is a lover of all forms of art, her favourite being painting, with writing a close second.
Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh stays fit by working out and playing various sports. He likes beer, but no longer enjoys going out; probably because he hates smoky areas and despises addictions. He can’t stand people who think death and killing are funny, nor people who destroy nature. He fears large bodies of water and the new president of the U.S. Ravi lives in Montréal.
Lindsay Soberano holds a joint honours degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University. Her poem, The Western Wall appeared in the Canadian Jewish Newspaper. She presently resides in Toronto, where she was born and raised.
Lindsay Soberano
Brian Tuck
Brian Tuck has resided in Montreal all of his life, publishing his first chapbook, As Did Methina, in December 1999. His work has appeared in numerous literary zines such as Rider’s Alley, Streeteaters, and Blue Moon. In January 1999, he began facilitating a poetry workshop course at Dawson College’s New School.

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