Montreal Up CloseMontréal Up Close

a pedestrian's guide to the city

by Kirk Johnson & David Widgington

isbn 0-9683529-0-1

76 pages

A French language translation has been published by XYZ Editeur isbn 2-89261-327-2

detail of sculpted pediment (John Steele, 1867) --photo: Bank of Montreal Archives.


includes index & bibliography

68 archival & detail photos

2 full-colour foldout airphotomaps

171 highlighted sites


" A deeply researched book, chock-full of walking tours, colour foldout maps and insights into the history, society and architecture of Montréal. " --- Lonely Planet


montreal up close

detail of Art Deco stained glass inside the lobby of the Aldred Building (John Steele, 1931) --photo: David Widgington.

To get a sense of Montreal: where it gets its joie de vivre, it helps to spend time walking along its streets. Vanish into open doorways. This city is an artful place, with many public sculptures courting pedestrians along sidewalks and breeding idleness in town squares.

Witness from up close, the city's distant and recent history in its old town and new city centre. gawk at chiseled facades that dolittle else than offer themselves to you. Walk with some of Ville-Marie's residents alongside their monuments and listen to stories they have to tell. these pages will shed light on the city in a variety of hues, so take a walk and immerse yourself into the subject behind the cover : Montreal.

montreal architecture
 "This beautifully designed book offers unique glimpses of the city's life and landscape... a complete description of each landmark, including anecdotes on the site's history." --Montreal Review of Books
montreal history
"A lovely little guide book... particularly strong on the beauties and oddities of [Montréal's] many fine old buildings." - Barbara Black
montreal map

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