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EXTRACTION! : comix reportage

edited by Frédéric Dubois, Marc Tessier & David Widgington

featuring comix artists: Joe Ollmann, Phil Angers, Ruth Tait & Stanley Wany. With reportages by Dawn Paley, Petr Cizek, Sophie Toupin & Tamara Herman. With added artwork: front cover by Alain Reno, back cover and inside chapter intro images by Jeff Lemire & inside cover and spot images by Carlos Santos. With a foreword by David Widgington, an introduction by Frédéric Dubois and an epilogue by Marc Tessier.

128 pages

ISBN 978-0-9782474-1-6 2

See individual chapter details by clicking here: GOLD mining in Guatemala, BAUXITE mining in India, URANIUM exploration in Québec, OIL SANDS extraction in Alberta.

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extraction: comix reportage

"I've always thought mining is the perfect idea for a graphic treatment, and in my fantasies I've even wanted to do a comic about mining myself."

--- Joe Sacco ---

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winner of the 2008 Expozine Alternative Press Award for best English language book


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Oct 9, 2007


Take 4 journalists. Send them on assignment to each investigate a mining project by a Canadian company in 4 extractive sectors: GOLD. BAUXITE. URANIUM. OIL. Have the reportages converted into scripts destined for graphic interpretation. Give the scripts to 4 award-winning comix artists to illustrate and EXTRACTION! is the result

Comix journalism will never be the same!

links about mining, comix journalism, etc.

ex libris by joe ollmann and simon bossé


Taking the heart from the land click here to download full chapter in .pdf (9.7 Mb)

reportage by Dawn Paley

dawn paley

Dawn Paley is a writer and organizer who grew up in the woods in Ruskin, ‘British Columbia,’ where her family settled on unceded Coast Salish territory. Her work is oriented towards popular education and social justice. Lately, she has been focusing on Canadian mining companies in the Americas, a topic which is likely to keep her busy for the next several decades.


gold mining guatemala click to see full page

click here for French translation in .pdf (12.2 Mb)

comix by Joe Ollmann

joe ollmann

Joe Ollmann is a cartoonist who lives in Montréal. He is the author of three books: Chewing on Tinfoil, The Big Book of Wag! and This Will All End in Tears, all ostensibly ‘funny books’ but mostly consisting of bug-eyed, bucktoothed characters enacting various depressing aspects of the misanthropic author’s world view. Former catholic, former communist, former angry young man, he hopes to start composting again soon. He has just won the 2007 Doug Wright Award for Canadian Cartooning in the best book category for This Will All End in Tears and his intolerable arrogance has increased accordingly.

rio tinto alcan

The world's unluckiest people click here to download full chapter in .pdf (9.5 Mb)

reportage by Tamara Herman

tamara herman

Tamara Herman is a community organizer who has been active for over ten years in groups and collectives fighting for justice, dignity and self-determination. Her work as a community media journalist has led her to Mali, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia, covering issues ranging from migration to militarization. In 2005, she traveled to Kashipur, India to report on local resistance to an Alcan-backed bauxite mine. Tamara is currently working on a Master’s degree at the University of Victoria and is presently active with the Alcan’t in India collective and the Canada Out of Afghanistan Campaign.


orissa bauxite mine click to see full page

comix by Stanley Wany

stanley wany

Stanley Wany is a writer, artist and publisher. With a business partner, he ran Void Comics from 1995 to 1997. In 2005, he returned to school to complete a BA degree in visual arts and bande dessinée at Université du Québec en Outaouais. He recently went back to publishing with a new magazine of comix called TRIP. Stanley was part of the delegation from Québec at the Angoulême comics festival in France in 2007.

uranium in Mont-Laurier

Highway of the atom click here to download full chapter in .pdf (6.8 Mb)

reportage by Sophie Toupin

sophie toupin

Sophie Toupin is a social justice/media activist and volunteer at CKUT 90.3 FM. For three years, she worked for the International Secretariat of the World Association of Community Radiobroadcasters (AMARC) mostly coordinating and organizing live international broadcasts from the four corners of the world. It’s through her Master’s degree in International Development at Aalborg University in Denmark, that she discovered the ‘power’ of community radio. Every time she hit the road, whether by bus, bike, pirogue, rickshaw, taxi-brousse or on foot, she makes sure she visits the local community radio station.


uranium mine click to see full page

comix by Ruth Tait

ruth tait

Ruth Tait studied Fine Art and Graphic Design in England and then Illustration and Design at OCA(D) and Animation at Sheridan. She worked briefly at Nelvana as a storyboard revision artist; then became a freelance illustrator and designer, specializing as a storyboard artist for film and TV. She currently works part-time as an administrator at Propeller Gallery, an artist-run gallery in Toronto. The rest of her time is spent running her sole-proprietor illustration/web/graphic design business. Ruth is also an independent comic book creator and was recently awarded an Ontario Arts Council Writer’s Reserve grant to continue the work on her graphic novel.

View National Film Board of Canada's Uranium (1990) by Magnus Isacsson.

fort mcmurray

From the bottom of the pit click here to download full chapter in .pdf (6.8 Mb)

reportage by Petr Cizek

petr cizek

Petr Cizek is an independent environmental consultant, who lived in the Northwest Territories for over a dozen years, working primarily with First Nations and environmental organisations. He is currently working on a PhD at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Petr specializes in the application of geographic information systems, remote sensing, and 3D visualisation to mapping of aboriginal wildlife harvesting/ cultural sites and modelling the cumulative impacts of mega-projects such as oil/gas fields, pipelines, mines, and hydro-electric dams.


tar sands click to see full page

comix by Phil Angers

alain gosselin, al+flag, phil angers

Phil Angers (aka Alain Gosselin & Al+Flag) is an illustrator who likes to draw in a realist style with a predilection for politics and the fantastik. With Marc Tessier, Angers created allegorical comics like those in Mac Tin Tac. In L’enfance du cyclope, he presented a chapter from The Oaken Door. In this saga, Angers showcases three different visual approaches to tackle three different time periods featuring the same character; the art recalling etchings made on wood or metal. He has always shown an interest in depicting the cracks in the fabric of society. He hopes to finish The Oaken Door in the coming years. This work will be his longest graphic novel yet.

General Mining Issues :

June 11, 2007 - À quel prix? (Le Téléjournal); TSX to launch global mining index --- May 28, 2007 - Central American Countries Protest Canadian Government's Role in Mining --- May 26, 2007 - Earth audit: We are using up minerals at an alarming rate. How long before they run out? --- May 24, 2007 - The late Glen Davis was no ordinary philanthropist --- May 2007 - Rights & Democracy Initiative on Human Rights Impact Assessment --- April 29, 2007 - CIM REPORTER : Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum conference and exhibition, Montreal (pdf) --- Exploration minière : Québec atteint de nouveaux sommets en 2006! ---

About Comix Journalism :

-- BD Reporters au Centre Pompidou --- BD reporters --- The Case for Comics Journalism --- Comics at War --- Joe Sacco --- Talking with Joe Sacco --- Joe Sacco: Presentation from the 2002 UF Comics Conference --- La Bande Dessinée dans la cour des grands reporters --- Reportage d'images / Images du reportage --- Midnight Ramblings with a Comics Journalist: An Interview with Joe Sacco --- Declarations of Oruro Gathering on Environmental Justice and Mining in Latin America --- Drawn In, David Collier on Comics Journalism ---

About Mining :

--- Dirty Business, Dirty Practices: How the Federal Gov. Supports Canadian Mining, Oil and Gas companies Abroad (English) (français) --- APEC Ministers Responsible for Mining --- Business & Human rights Resource Centre (Mining) --- Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative --- Above-Ground Risk Country Ratings for Mining --- Argentina Province Bans Open-Pit Mining --- Corporate Social Responsibility and the Canadian Extractive Industry in Developing Countries -- Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum --- Canadian Mining Companies Helping Themselves to Others’ Wealth --- Dirty Waters: Regulating Canadian Mining Companies Overseas (pdf) --- Mining Philanthropy (pdf) --- Canadian Mining Map (pdf) --- Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets (2.59mb.pdf) --- Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities --- The Mining Industry's Track Record on the Environment --- To Have and Have Not: Resource Governance in the 21st Century --- Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire (CSRwire) --- Global InfoMine --- International Cyanide Management Code for the Mining Industry ---


extraction: comics reportage

General Resource Weblinks :

Canadian Government : --- CIDA/ACDI --- Canada's Minerals and metals (propaganda video) --- Social Practices in the Canadian Minerals and Metals Industry --- Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities --- Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission --- Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development --- The Geopolitics of Energy --- Indian Oil and Gas Canada --- Canadian Mining, Metal and Mineral Industries --- National Energy Board --- Natural Resource Canada (NRCan!!!) !!! --- NRCan Library --- National Mining Week (scam) --- Canadian Global Mining Presence (NRC) --- Canadian Pension Plan Equity Holdings (March 31, 2006) ---

Québec Government : --- Resources Naturel et Faune : Québec Mines ---

Watchdogs/NGOs : --- Corpwatch --- Human Rights Watch --- Mining Watch --- Who Owns What --- Market Watch --- Transparency International --- Publish What You Pay --- The Dark Side of your Canadian Pension Plan --- Rights Action --- Rights & Democracy --- Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ---

Altenative Media : The Dominion --- Canadian Dimension --- NarcoNews ---

Mining Apologist Media : --- Resource Investor --- Frontier Strategy Group --- MineWeb ---

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