Taien Ng-chan TAIEN NG-CHAN

Taien Ng-Chan is a Montréal writer, performer and filmmaker whose works span many different genres. Her poetry and fiction have been published in numerous anthologies and journals, including Geist, blue buffalo, Contemporary Verse 2, and The Capilano Review, and she was twice shortlisted for the CBC Canadian Literary Awards. Since becoming a winner of the CBC Radio New Voices Drama Competition, Taien has had three radio plays produced for CBC Radio One. She has also had drama produced at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Brave New Playrites, and as a staged play reading by Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal.
As a performer, Taien has appeared on CKUT Radio (Montreal), CiTR Radio (Vancouver), and at various venues across Canada, including We and Our Words Festival (Calgary); and the VoxHunt and Mainlines poetry series (Montréal). As an editor and producer, Taien and her partner Joe Ollmann collectively run the website for Wag Press, which presents videos, animations, and electronic literature. Taien is Reviews Editor at Matrix Magazine. She curated and co-produced a documentary series of spoken word and music collaborations, with writers Dana Bath, Lance Blomgren, Victoria Stanton, and musicians Becky Foon, Gord Allen and Samuel Roy-Bois. These works were presented on CBC Radio One, and Wag Press website.
As a filmmaker, Taien explores the visual elements of poetry and the spoken word. Her film The Red Ribbon won the Location Michel Trudel Award at Concordia University for Best Poetic Film, and was screened last year at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.


the days have been constructed like cardboard
boxes holding nothing, and i inhabit
the corrugated paper
of waking, eating, sleeping:
all there is.
but tonight i feel myself move
timid within my own skin,
longing to live there.
the yearning of blood to
sing, rushing through veins,
and the clicking together of bones,
as if my soul were settling
back into my body, familiar
as my kitchen, weary
as a traveller saying, yes,
this is my home.
my strong hands lift
the tea kettle
to pour the water

 from Maps of our Bodies: 
& the borders we have agree upon
(roadmap  video)

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