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Mia Rose Brooks was born in the Okanagan between two pine trees and her mother's legs. She is the dry yellow grass, the sage brush, the slow lapping water of the lake and the sharp howls of the coyotes in the hills. She is a small town girl living in Pointe-Saint-Charles, listening to the red train passing.

Noise Maker 2003

"the children say he brings dreams of faces -- / half carved from stone --

unfinished --- / as if the creator forgot -- / got up to get another beer from the fridge and never returned

when I looked in the water / I saw my eyes / and wondered how many others may see me / dancin' on the surface / like a quiet / johnny

drag 'em down the tracks / beat 'em over the head / back o' yer axe

who were ya watchin' / what were you drinkin' boys / to beat a man into a coma / middle o' the night / with his daughter screamin' through the curtains"

an exerpt of Johnny's Fire from throw the captain overboard!
(listen to johnny's fire  mp3)

throw the captain overboard!

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